Will This Wacky Shower Trend Catch on in the Treasure Valley?
What happens in the shower stays in the shower.  Usually.  This little secret is getting out, what many people are starting to do in the shower, and we're wondering if you're doing it in Meridian or Eagle or Boise.  One way or another, we bet you have an opinion on it.
Mix Morning Show Poll: Peeing in the Shower
One of our 12 listeners emailed us begging for a way to get her husband to stop peeing in the shower. It started a whirlwind of responses and we found out that people who DON'T pee in the shower are in the minority.
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Smart Shower Head Changes Colors To Save Water
Growing up, I remember the constant battle my parents had with my brother taking really long showers. I would always hear, "turn off the water!", "stop wasting water!", or my favorite, the flushing of the toilet so the water would turn cold as a chilly reminder th…