Enrollment at Local School Reaches Capacity
Enrollment at Marian Pritchett School, for pregnant and teenage moms, has reached capacity making for crowded classrooms. But it's the day care that has especially outgrown its space.
Over 70 percent of teen girls that give birth will drop out of high school...
What are Your Strange Pregnancy Cravings? [Video]
We talked recently about strange new foods coming out this summer on the showgram...then we started getting calls and emails from pregnant ladies sharing their strange food cravings and concoctions. How about you? What was your strange food craving while you were pregnant?
Oops, I’m Pregnant Again
What do you do, when you want to announce your pregnant, to the world and you and your husband are huge Britney Spears fans?  You announce it this way.
Being In Labor Is Now A Game Show
From what I've heard about being in labor, there is nothing funny about it. One TV network apparently thinks labor pains are funny so they've created a game show called Labor Games!
Halloween Costumes Are Extra Fun For Pregnant Ladies
I have a friend who painted her big pregnant belly like a pumpkin one year.  She wore an orange t-shirt and pulled it up above the baby bump, and painted the bump orange with jack-o-lantern eyes.  When the baby kicked, it looked like the pumpkin was possessed, but it was still fun.
I ran ac…