Idaho’s Richest Person Has Ties to Potatoes
Forbes Magazine did a little research and figured out who the richest person is in every state, and in Idaho that person has a background in the potato industry, but also dabbles in fertilizer and and phosphate morning. It's a name you know.
Update: Potato Guy Has Lost 70 Pounds
Remember that guy I told you about back in February, that was eating nothing but spuds for a year?  Idaho should make this guy its potato-loving poster child.
And he's having some major weight loss success!  But it's not all good news.
Boise Has Idaho’s ‘Best Thing to Eat’
What's the one go-to food that identifies Idaho -- that one food that out-of-state guests just have to eat while they're here?  One blogger broke it down by state, and picked a Boise restaurant to represent Idaho.
It’s National Potato Day!
Tater, spud, french fry, tuber, tot....call them what you will, it's a day to celebrate! It's National Potato Day and we live in the land of potatoes. I've found the best way to celebrate and it involves my adorable niece.