Vote Now for Boise’s Best Burger
The best bacon burger in Idaho exists right here in Boise, according to one website, and while we sit here and argue about that, we have to ask -- Who do you think has the best all-around burger?  Boise Fry Company?  Tell us!
Idaho’s Favorite Jelly Bean is What?
When you think of jelly beans maybe you think of fruity flavors like grape and strawberry.
When we're picking a favorite, Idaho chooses a fruity jelly bean, but more citrusy.  Take the poll if you don't agree!
Mix Morning Show Poll: Peeing in the Shower
One of our 12 listeners emailed us begging for a way to get her husband to stop peeing in the shower. It started a whirlwind of responses and we found out that people who DON'T pee in the shower are in the minority.
We want to hear from you...
Is The Costume Appropriate Or Not. Take Our Poll.
Halloween is right around the corner and Moms and Dads are helping the kids get their costumes ready for a night out of collecting candy and treats. Some of the costumes I've seen so far for this year are a tad over the top. This one though takes the cake. What do you think?
The World’s Favorite Number Is…
Are you a numbers geek?
I'm not sure that I'm a geek (about numbers anyway), but I do like it when numbers seem orderly.  I'm looking forward to Monday because it's 4-14-14.  That's just crsip and tidy and lovely!
There's a phrase that goes around my house, "Mama don't like messes!"  I think…