I Think I Need Another Weekend
I just made the move to the Treasure Valley from Tennessee.  We have an awesome house in Meridian that my wife, son, and I get to call home.  We're originally from the Northwest (Seattle and Spokane) so this is very exciting to come "home...
Speed Moving Is Definitely For Me!
I finally found a place that allows large dogs, but have the opposite schedule as my fiance. So how do you move two households into one with full time jobs & no budget for movers. I have that answered for you!
My Name is Jen and Apparently I’m a Big Fat Liar!
Every time I move I say, "I'm never moving again!"
It's painful and exhausting and stressful and there are so many other productive things I could be doing with my time. Like watch grass grow or watch paint dry. But I did it again this week.  I moved to a new house.
This Is Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Your Old Junk
I'm moving to a new house right now and my whole life is in boxes.  Well, actually, I'm out of boxes and I'm waiting on a friend to respond to my begging and bring me more because she professes to have some sort of connection to the black market of boxes. I'll wait.
I was cleaning out the attic yeste…