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Belated Christmas Gift
So I got home last night & there was a belated Christmas present. It's something I love but I know others are going to absolutely hate it. Especially some people at work, like Kasper & Kate.
Taylor Swift Is Amazing To Her Fans
You can see any day of the week how music & an artists can impact someone's life. But watching an artist be actively involved with their fans is rare. Taylor Swift probably is my favorite Santa celeb, I'm seriously impressed.
Team Mazda Subaru’s Year End Sale
Mike Kasper was out at Team Mazda Subaru today letting everyone know about the amazing Year End Sale they have going on.  You can buy any vehicle at Team with $0 down and $0 payments for 90 days!  And when you make a purchase at Team Mazda, you get a $1,000 Holiday Gift Card for you to spe…
My Christmas Presents
I feel pretty spoiled this year! And also like my family knows me so well. The days of people saying I'm hard to shot for are over finally.
2014’s 10 Most Viewed Music Videos
Thank you Vevo for making this list for me! And I'm not going to tell you which videos, but one I've never watched & another I stopped half way through. Can you guess which videos those are?
Awkward Greetings from Mix 106 [Watch]
Everyone at Mix 106 wanted to wish you a special Merry Christmas in our own awkward way. Happy holidays and thank you for an amazing year!
And the rest of the folks at Townsquare Media have a greeting for you too:
These Kids Are On The Nice List Forever
I've seen a ton of videos lately of parents playing jokes on their kids that they've eaten their candy. Or gave them a Christmas present early & its a terrible present. But I think you could possibly give these kids anything & they won't turn into monsters on you.

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