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Latest Obsession!
So last Sunday night I couldn't sleep so I decided to watch something and I heard Arrow was decent so I watched the pilot.. and then continued to binge watch four more episodes.
James Bond Spectre Sneak Peak
The next installment in the James Bond series is Spectre. Which I'm sure most of you know that Spectre is an evil organization that has followed Bond since Sean Connery played the famous character.
What To Cook?!
So every month my boyfriend & I get together with our friends to have dinner. But since we've been friends for a long time now I've already made all my delicious recipes for them. I have nothing left, I need something new. Any ideas?
Jeff Bridges Will Be In Your Bedroom
Almost everyone is watching the big game today. But tonight how will you fall asleep? You can listen to Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes! You'll hear Bridges talk over music & ambient noise. With his grandfather like voice he'll lull you right to sleep. Or terrify you!
Ted 2 Trailer
If you liked liked Ted as much as I did then I think you're going to be very happy to see this trailer. Now we just have to wait till June 26th!
MIX at Expo Idaho for the Dennis Dillon Weekend Sales Event
Mike Kasper broadcasted LIVE this afternoon from Expo Idaho for Dennis Dillon's Weekend Sales Event. The Dennis Dillon team has moved EVERY car to Expo Idaho for the weekend. After handing out CDs to lucky winners Mike found every Camaro, Challenger and Charger in the building within the hour..…

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