Mike & Kate

Would You Be Ok With This Wedding Proposal?
Kate and I talk all time about wedding proposals and how a special place can make it extra special.  Kate thinks a proposal on the Jumbo-Tron during a sporting event would be awesome....not me...I think it's cheesy.
I Can’t Believe This Works, But It Does, Try It For Yourself & See
It's absolutely amazing to me how the brain and eyes work......and how they work together.  It's fascinating to me to know that you can show the negative picture of  someone like this, and even though you are looking at it, you can't tell who it is....but if you do one little thing, you're brain fil…
Worst Idea That You Ever Had As A Kid
I grew up on a farm and my father told me when I was young that one wouldn't get shocked by an electric fence if you first grabbed a hold of someone else, then touched the electric fence.  The electricity would flow through me and shock the other person.

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