Mike & Kate

We’re In A Movie!
Mike & I are the stars of an upcoming movie!! Well, maybe not stars....but for 5 minutes we got to be on camera with the stars of the movie and we may survive the cutting room floor!
All The Cool Kids Are Doing It, So I’m Gonna Do It Too!
I was reading an article in one of my handy dandy favorite mens' magazine that really hit home and got me to thinking recently.  It was about things we do only because it's "COOL" or popular ....and we would never, ever, ever, never do it otherwise?  What about you?  Do you do things that …
Can I Get Fired For Doing This?
I'm clumsy and I work in a place that has lots of expensive equipment. Oh and there is that silly FCC license thing that I have to protect. I need to know what I can get away with and what I can't.

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