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OPP-Can A Parent Charge A Kid Rent?
As a parent is it your responsibility to provide room and board for your kids until they are 18, or can you charge them rent? This kid wants to know if what her parents are doing is legal.
James Durbin Velvet Rope Series Ticket Stop
It was a damp chilly morning at Dutch Bros. on Locust Grove in Meridian, but that didn't stop MIX 106 listeners from stopping by and getting their free James Durbin tickets for this week's Velvet Rope Concert at Varsity Pub! If you still haven't gotten your tickets, make sure you are …
You Have Strange Sleep Habits
We all have strange sleep habits. Some of us are just lucky enough not have anyone to sleep with so no one knows our strange sleep habits. This is not one of those stories.
James Durbin Ticket Stop at Dutch Bros. on Broadway
MIX 106 was at the Dutch Bros. on Broadway giving away tickets to see American Idol artist James Durbin at the Varsity Pub! He is coming as a part of our Velvet Rope Series and will be here Thursday April 3 for an exclusive show for MIX 106 listeners only...
The Craziest Bloody Mary Garnish Ever!
I love me a good Bloody Mary! I especially love the evolution of the garnish on a Bloody Mary. It started with a lemon and lime. Now we have pickled asparagus, bacon, blue cheese stuffed olives and even crab legs. But that is nothing compared to this concoction!

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