Mike & Kate

My baby brother turns 30 tomorrow so this past weekend I threw him a Dirty Thirty Surprise Birthday Party. It was my first time throwing a surprise party and it will be my last time.
Tomato Aspic What?
We really do learn something new everyday on the Mike & Kate in the Morning show! I can now say that I know what Tomato Aspic is. I can also say that I will never ever eat it.
Let There Be Light!
One of my most favorite parts of Christmas is the lights. They just make me happy. If I could have the Christmas lights up year round, I would. The rest can be put away, but leave up the lights. But there is a point of tacky. Too many lights are too much for my eyeballs!
I need to make sure my phone is charged at all times! The WPGA could be calling me at anytime! Big day for me yesterday playing golf!
Pass The Soap
With the holidays smack dab in our face, that means family is coming to visit or you may be living on Sofa City while visiting the loved ones that drive you crazy. My friend mentioned to me that she and her husband got into a wicked fight about a tiny detail when it comes to having company stay over…

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