Mike & Kate

Shouldn’t We All Have Learned After 9/11, Not To Do This?
Can we all agree, that it's a bad idea to use national tragedies and death as a way for companies to advertise? You might remember before 9/11 this year a few companies thought it would be a good idea to use 9/11 as a part of their advertising campaign.  People were not happy, some thought it was wa…
Boise’s Own Aaron Paul’s New Movie Looks AWESOME!!!!!
Kate and I work with Aaron Paul's mom here at Mix 106, and Aaron has been in the studio with us many times....and it seems, that he couldn't be any hotter than he is right now...his TV show Breaking Bad just ended....(see the movie trailer here) http://youtu.be/e73J71RZRn8
Goooooo Seattle Seahawks – Mike and Kate’s NFL Bet
After week #12 in the NFL, I am happy to say my beloved Seahawk's, 11-1,  remain 1 game up on Kate's Debacle Broncos....(umm, I meant to say Denver) at 10-2.  I would be way more happy if Denver could see it's way to lose another game so I'd be more comfortable, because I don't relish wearing a Bron…
Unlocking My Holiday Spirit
Who knew that all I had to do was put a pair of reindeer antlers on my 100 pound black lab and that would be the key to unlocking my holiday spirit! Who knew?!
Is There Such A Thing As Bad Christmas Music?
I am a sucker for Christmas...I love everything about the Holiday season....the lights, the presents, the good will, and I especially love Christmas music this time of year....It brings back memories and puts me in a good mood.  I really don't think there is such a thing as bad Christmas m…
OPP-The MIL Christmas Card
Today's issue for Other People's Problems has to do with your Mother-In-Law wanting to photo-bomb your Christmas card? Do you put your foot down or do you cave?

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