Mike Kasper

Weird Things Only Us Idahoans Understand
If you aren't from Idaho, you'll never understand our love for huckleberries.  I love them soooo much.  Because I know just how hard huckleberry hunting and picking really are. So I really appreciate huckleberry pie, jam, Vodka, ice cream etc.
Another Amazing Music Video From OK GO {Video}
The group OK GO is known for their innovative music videos as much as their music.  And they've done it again with the latest release of their new single "Upside Down & Inside Out".  The entire video was filmed in zero gravity
14 Things in Idaho That Can and Just Might Kill You
I've lived in Idaho for most of my life, and when I saw this article from only in your state about the 14 terrifying things in Idaho that can and just might kill you I was skeptical. That is until I read the article and color me a believer.

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