United States Of Pop-Danthology. Kick Back At 2015 Mashups
This honestly is my favorite time of the year! Yeah yeah the holidays are great..and yes all that food is good..which reminds me I need to get my butt to the gym...but the thing I look forward to all year long are the year end Mashups. It's like a Christmas, New Years, and Birthday present to m…
WATCH: Uptown Funk Movie Mashup
I know a lot of us love the Jimmy Fallon mashups that he's done over the last year.  This isn't his, but this is amazing.  Even Mark Ronson approves.
this Uptown Funk video is insane. dondrapersayswhat, i salute you
— Mark Ronson (@MarkRonson) August 2, 2015
See the mashup taken…
Think All Songs Are Unique? Think Again
I love music. And songwriting and the creative process.  So this kind of blows my mind!  Have you seen it?
This person takes six country songs and edits them all together, and the rhythms and melodies make them sound like the same song...
Check Out This Mashup Of 25 Biggest Hits Of The Year
If nothing else, it's fascinating how this guy puts all these songs together and it actually sounds good.  Amazing!  I love it.
These are some of the biggest hits of the year, in a mashup by DJ Earworm.  He's good!  Nobody else gets Taylor Swift, Jason DeRulo, Katy Perry…