The Idaho Million Dollar Raffle Numbers Announced
I'd much rather shovel all of that money than my driveway for the eighteenth time this week!
The Idaho Lottery announced the winning numbers of the $1,000,000 Raffle on KTVB last night.
The $1,000,000 winning number is:
0 6 5 2 3 6
On top of that, two numbers were announced for the $10,000 prize wi…
Winning Lottery Ticket Sold at Alberstons in Boise
A Boise woman says she got the surprise of her life while checking her Lucky for Lucky lottery tickets.
She called her daughter screaming “I did it! I did it!” She’s been playing the same exact lottery numbers since the Idaho Lottery started...
Idaho Didn’t Win the Mega Millions
With a Mega Millions jackpot so huge, you might have been hoping that 15 winners would share that insane amount of money, but it turns out one winner gets $540 million.  And the winning ticket didn't come from Idaho.

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