New Boise Library Branch Opens Thursday
The new library at Bown Crossing will be nestled in with bike racks and pedestrian paths, and it's not far from the Greenbelt.  It will be green to the core when it opens up later this week, and it will even including a reading room with a fireplace.
Meridian Library Launches New Book a Bike Program
Starting next week, the Meridian Library won’t just have books and other multi-media to check out, they will also have bike rentals!
It's part of the "Book a Bike" program. The city got a grant from the Blue Cross to help fight childhood obesity and some of that…
Boise Libraries Have Their Own Virtual Reality Systems
It's really sad to think about, but a lot of kids don’t even know what real libraries are anymore. The instant convenience of downloading a book to your iPad or Kindle has changed the way people use libraries. There's still something about holding a book in your hand and tu…
Novelist Will Bring Her Murder-Mystery to Boise
In the novel, a dead body is discovered at an abandoned construction site and it turns out to be a former police officer.  Then they discover that the blood loss isn't just his, but part of it belongs to a missing woman too.  And then the plot thickens!  Light a candle and call the babysitter, cuz w…