Kate McGwire

My Favorite CMA Moment
I fell in love with Chris Stapleton in Mexico in January with Luke Bryan at Crash My Playa. Last night he was the big winner at the CMAs and he stole the show with Justin Timberlake!
This Will Be the First Day it Snows
I hope it snows starting today and doesn't stop until the 3rd week in March! I want a white winter!! According to this map, my wish of today being the first day it snows will not come true. Find out what day the white stuff will start falling.
The Follow Up to OPP
After today's OPP about hoarding, I had an urge to clean! The studio looks clean because everything is shoved into my desk. Watch as I purge the junk!
Your Monday Motivation
This week's motivation is the exact opposite of what you might be doing at the start of the work week but it will help get you going and set the tone for the week!

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