Kate McGwire

A Christmas Threesome-OPP
Today's OPP has nothing to do with the three wise men. A woman is hosting Christmas dinner at her house and one of her guests wants to bring more than one significant other.
The Instagram Husband
Who knew this type of husband even existed? If you have an Instagram account, you might not even realize that you have an Instagram husband.
It’s Green Monday
I had no idea what Green Monday was, let alone that it was today. Some claim it's bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don't miss out. Find out what Green Monday is all about.
It’s Time To Ski & Board!
Tamarack Resort and Brundage Mountain open today! All three of our closets resorts are now open and it's been snowing since yesterday so conditions are great!
A Bike for Christmas
It's pink. It's sparkles and she is going to love it! Not everything that sparkles underneath the Christmas tree has to be jewelry.

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