Kate McGwire

You Can Own a Pet Jellyfish
This is not the pet you cuddle with. Actually you shouldn't touch them at all. The good news is you won't have to walk your pet jellyfish. Even better news, it comes in the mail!
Could a Woman do Santa’s Job?
There is no one else like Santa. He delivers toys to all the children in the world in one night! Check out the responses of kids when asked if a woman could do Santa's job.
It’s Free Shipping Day
Christmas is 7 days away! If you waited until the last minute to buy your gifts, let alone send them, good news, it's free shipping day! Here is a list of retailers who will ship for free today.
Watch Mike & Kate
We're live streaming from the Mix 106 studio this morning! Special guest, Corbin Maxey, and his spiders and snakes are on the show and you can watch the chaos!
Dear Santa, I Want This
I'm probably the only woman in the world that has this item on my Christmas wish list. Santa probably thinks I'm joking but this is no laughing matter!
Win Tickets for New Year’s Eve
WaHooz and PINZ are throwing a huge New Year's Eve celebration! They've got everything from family fun for the kids to cosmic bowling as you ring in 2016 and we've got your tickets!

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