After #Bendgate, Another Hazard for iPhone Users.
Oh, you poor iPhone users.   After you got past the issues a couple of weeks ago with the slight bend in the phone (seen in that pic over there) there's something new to worry about.
The slight bend was caused when users put the phone in their back pockets, and discovered the phone didn't mesh well w…
Samsung Has A Sense Of Humor
Now the big question becomes, will Apple fire back?
The whole iPhone 6 bending controversy may be blown way out of proportion on the internet, but it appears Samsung wasted no time taking advantage of the hype.
I love a good ad war...
Dad Gets a Smartphone and Learns to Text
My mom got my dad an iPhone for Father's Day, and my first text from Dad arrived Monday.
He needed a day or so to figure out how to text on this "newfangled thing," but once he figured it out he didn't mess around with just words.  He sent me a pic!  Of my grandma's 1980-something Buick.  A…