Boise is Ideal for First-Time Home Buyers
A home is probably the most expensive thing we'll buy in our lifetime, and if we're gonna bite the bullet, Boise is a great place to do it. Our very own Treasure Valley has been named one of the top places in the country for first-time home buyers.
Boise’s Lost Dog Story Goes Viral
If your dog goes missing for nine months, would you give up hope?  One thing is sure -- one dog didn't give up, and returned home after nine months in the Idaho Mountains.
New Park is Coming to Nampa
A groundbreaking ceremony happened Thursday in Nampa for a new space that will include a playground, swimming pool, and sports practice fields.  It sounds like a great new spot for family fun, but there is one thing that might slow it down.
Idaho Isn’t Following the Baby Name Trends
Olivia is the most popular baby name in America for girls right now, and it's Asher for boys.
But leave it to Idaho to be a little independent about all that and resist the trends.  It looks like we've got other baby naming ideas in mind.

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