Free Fun In The Front Yard
There are definitely perks to living in the "City of Trees."  Beyond the beauty in the summer, the amazing colors in the fall, and even the joy of raking, the chance for leaf play rocks.
My kiddo and I did some yard clean up yesterday, not so it would actually stay clean, but s…
My Kids Can’t Wait For This New Boise Attraction
Maybe by now you're heard that Wahooz and Pinz are expanding, and adding a huge new indoor amusement area.  If you have kids like mine who are constantly asking, "Mama, what are we going to do that's fun today?  No, I mean super fun!"  This is for them.
Uptown Funk + Movie Dances
No doubt, Uptown Funk has been a huge song this summer.  If hearing it makes you want to move, you have to see what happens when you take some of the most popular movie dance scenes ever and combine them with the song.
Some are More Into April Fools Day Than Others
Do you love April Fools Day? Some people live for it and plan their attack all year long, and finally unleash the fun on April 1st.  Others of us just let it fly right by and barely notice it.
I did see today on Facebook that one parent played a pretty good trick on his son...
Two Truths & A Lie: Jeff
Get to know the Mix staff a little better! We’re all going to give you two truths and a lie. Figure out the lie and you could win some Mix music.

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