Dog Dies in Boise Foothills and it Could Have Been Prevented
Vets are warning dog owners of the dangers of heat stroke and how common it is after a dog died on a trail over the weekend. So far this season, West Vet has seen about 10 cases of heat stroke!
They see these cases the most this time of year, whether it’s when owners are outside takin…
Officer Involved Shooting and Fatality in the Foothills
A man threatened hikers and their pets in the foothills today.
Boise Police received several calls about a man threatening joggers in the area. When officers began to engage the suspect, he fired his weapon. Police fired back, and once they secured the area and shut down roads for public safety, they…
Recent Weather Increases Damage to Homes in Boise Foothills
This is just devastating!
We talked about this neighborhood and the damage that was being done to the homes and foundation several months ago. With the recent extreme weather we have had, it has made the situation even worse. The damage has forced people to have to move out of their homes...
A Man And His Mule Serve Coffee In The Boise Foothills
Some of us start our day with a cup of coffee, while others may start with a morning run. But one man is up in the foothills making sure you get a little taste of both.
Every Saturday, Matt Bishop and his mule, Richard, walking the Boise foothills. He ...
Boise Neighborhood Warned of Landslides
Oh heck no! Can you imagine living on land that at any moment could just go! Well for a neighborhood in the Treasure Valley it isn't a matter of if its when.