Free Fishing Day in Idaho is a Chance to Try Something New
There's a day coming up this month that gives us all the chance to fish without worrying about pay the license fee.  Even if we don't catch anything, it's still a great opportunity to relax by the water, have a picnic with the family, and work on our tans, right?
Fish For Free During Idaho’s Free Fishing Day
Honestly there is nothing better than gathering the kids, packing the fishing gear up and spending some time on the Boise River or one of the many great lakes and streams around Idaho for fishing. The life long memories that are created are priceless. If you want to plan a day to do this with your f…
Idaho Woman Reels In A 9 Foot Fish
It must be the year for amazingly large Sturgeon in Idaho this Spring. A few weeks ago Nicole told you about the man in Boise who caught a 6 footer in the Park Center Pond, now another BIG one has been caught in the state, and it's even BIGGER.