This Might Be Our Biggest Earworm
The experts have figured out exactly why songs get stuck in our heads, and what makes them refuse to leave.
This song might be the biggest earworm song ever, and here's why.
There Are Rules For Wearing That Seahawks Jersey
First and foremost, the number on the jersey should match the body type, according to the experts.
Petite girls who are fans of the Seahawks' Bobby Wagner might argue, but if you're going to wear #54, that big wide number is going to look best on a big muscular guy. Agree?
Seahawks Have One of the NFL’s Top 5 Stadiums
The 12th Man was deafening again on Sunday at Centurylink Stadium in Seattle. (Just ask our own Jeff Connell.  He was there!)
USA Today says the Seahawks are doing something right, and have one of the best stadiums in the NFL. See if you agree with the #1 choice.