#TBT: Backstage BMF Photos 2016
For my first ever BMF experience, I have to say it was one INCREDIBLE day! The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Blue skies, barely any wind, and a gorgeous 80-something degrees all day.
Every inch of me aches today, but worth every bit of it...
Win the MIX 106 50 Shades Darker Experience
Win a Luxury Fifty Shades Darker Experience!  Qualify all week, in the morning with The Mix Morning Show with Mike and Nicole, and in the afternoon with Jeff Connell.
Just for qualifying, win 4 passes to see the new movie at Edwards Boise Downtown Stadium 9...
Boise Music Festival 2017 Tickets on Sale NOW
Get your early bird tickets for Boise Music Festival 2017!
Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 24, 2017 and grab your tickets while they're only $20!
Artists have not been announced yet, but trust us, every year is a blast no matter who is performing...
Music Festival Experiences Checklist
With the Boise Music Festival coming up on Saturday, this fun checklist caught my eye.
I have friends who travel across the United States to visit different music festivals year round. Now, that's dedication!
Are you a Festival Freshie or Festival Veteran...
Five Things Kids Now Won’t Get To Experience
Let's face it, we live in a different time. A time where kids have no idea what life was like before Google and Siri, or actually socializing in person! GASP!
Here's a list of a few situations that our kids will never get to experience.