After Thanksgiving, Some Idahoans Are Still Hungry
Not everyone had the chance to stuff themselves silly over the Thanksgiving weekend. Many of us were lucky enough to have more food at our houses than we could possibly consume, so this would be a good week to cut back, and reach out to make sure other Idahoans have at least enough.
Do Something Amazing With Thanksgiving Leftovers
One of the repercussions of creating a huge feast is having an enormous amount of leftovers.  You might be bound and determined to eat and eat until you're sick, but even then you and your family might have a little green bean casserole to spare.
So we don't feel totally guilty about o…
Pop-Up Thrift Shop Will Help Boise’s Homeless
Now is the time to clean out the closet, and donate that stuff we don't wear and have been meaning to get rid of.
There's a shopping day scheduled for later this month, and the Pop-Up Thrift shop will ultimately help the Treasure Valley homeless population.
Boise Artist Will Help the Boys and Girls Club
A mobile artist business in Boise is teaming up with a national sponsor to help the Boys and Girls Club next month.  And you can transform your photos into something completely unique in the process.  This is cool!
Here’s Your Final Chance to Help an at Risk Child Find a Mentor
I am taking part in Bowl For Kids Sake this afternoon. I am still in need of your help in reaching our team's goal of $1000.  Big Brothers and Sisters is the nation's largest donor and volunteer supported mentoring network.  Big Brothers Big and Sisters makes meaningful, monitored matches between ad…

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