Idaho Approves Robotic Delivery
Idaho is sometimes seen as lagging behind other states in technology and innovation, but that can't be said about our welcoming of delivery robots.  We're the second state to do so.
Get Your Food and Packages Delivered by a Robot?!
We are steps closer to the world being taken over by robots. Hey, it could happen!
Officials with Starship Technologies, the same people who co-founded Skype, met with Idaho lawmakers to discuss House Bill 204, which will regulate personal delivery devices...
Coffee Delivery Service Throughout the Treasure Valley
This guy is a GENIUS!
How many times have you been at work and as you are pouring your (gross) office kitchen coffee, you think, "Ugh I really wish I had made enough time this morning to drive through Dutch Bros."? Then you have a horrible day all because you didn't get your La…
Watch This Woman Give Birth to a 10-Pound Baby. In the Car.
Giving birth to a ten pound baby is an enormous accomplishment for any woman.  I gave birth to an 8-pounder and that was a bigger deal than climbing Mt. Everest.
This Houston, Texas woman gives birth to a ten pound baby.  Sitting upright.  In the car.  With her own hands!  Sh…

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