What Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day
Every year I text my dad to ask what he wants for Father's Day, and every year I get the same answer.  Barbecue sauce.  He's so low maintenance!  We've got some other gift ideas too, in case your pops aims a little higher.
OMG! How Awesome Would It Be To Have This Guy For A Dad?
When my kids were little, they thought it was pretty cool that their dad was on the radio.  They got to come to work to talk into the microphone, dad got to meet big celebrities from time to time and of course all the free CD's.  As cool as that is, it's nothing compared to this …
Do We Look This Funny Taking Selfies?
A dad has gone viral with this video of his daughter taking selfies in the back seat.  He must have noticed all the commotion, and whipped out his phone to capture this madness for all of us.  Enjoy!
Dad Gets a Smartphone and Learns to Text
My mom got my dad an iPhone for Father's Day, and my first text from Dad arrived Monday.
He needed a day or so to figure out how to text on this "newfangled thing," but once he figured it out he didn't mess around with just words.  He sent me a pic!  Of my grandma's 1980-something Buick.  A…