Boise Wants Your Thoughts on e-Bikes
E-bikes are catching on around the Treasure Valley, and some of them can really zoom. Boise is looking at ways now to make sure these electric bikes are playing nice with pedestrians and other bikes, and they're asking for your thoughts. Like, should faster bikes be kept off The Greenbelt?
Boise Kids Get to Meet an Olympic Athlete
Kristin Armstrong was back in town Saturday night for the 30th annual Twilight Criterium, and the kids that turned out to meet her will also be seeing her on TV next month competing in the Olympic games.
Football, baseball, basketball, and soccer seem to be the biggest, most popular sports i the US, …
Boise Twilight Criterium Event
The Boise Twilight Criterium is considered one of Boise's premiere annual events. In the past, it has drawn more than 20,000 people to the downtown Boise and brought professional cyclists from around the world to compete.
This year the Criterium celebrates 30 years with a birthday bash for all a…