High School Football Stars Commit to Boise State
This is what they've worked for.  It's that time of year that high school football standouts get offers from colleges and start to make the decisions on where they'll play football on Saturdays in the fall.
We've got the news on the players Boise State might be collecting fro…
Broncos Are Getting National Attention
After the win Saturday night against Washington State, the Broncos have launched themselves into the national conversation about bowl season and the playoffs.  Too soon?  Or is it kinda awesome?
College Of Western Idaho Looks To Build In Boise
It looks like there is more development coming to Boise.  College of Western Idaho is looking to build a new three-building campus at in the West End neighborhood.
The new campus would focus on business and technology classes and prep for students who wish to later transfer to four-year schools.…
Idaho Colleges Aren’t The Best Schools for the Money
This week I heard a co-worker utter the phrase "back to school," and I had to look at my smart phone to check the date.  Really?! We're on the downhill side of the summer already.
If you're a college student, you may be working all summer to build up some funds f…
Freshman Are Happiest At These Colleges
I remember my freshman year of college being pretty stressful.  It was leaving home for the first time, being denied the chance to get into the sorority that my mom had been part of, gaining what turned out to be the freshman forty instead of the freshman fifteen, and generally feeling out of place …