Get Ready Boise, You Could Be Watching Baseball In Downtown Soon
For its root, root, root for the home team....And in this case, its the Boise Hawks. When I saw the article from the Idaho Statesman come across my computer screen today I literally said out loud...FINALLY!! Baseball could be coming to Downtown Boise sooner rather than later.
Boise Hawks National Anthem Auditions
Tomorrow, Saturday, June 4th from 12-3 PM at Memorial Stadium,  auditions will be held for a chance to sing the National Anthem at a Boise Hawks game this summer!
Anyone is welcome to audition! Both Individuals and groups are welcome to try out...
My Sons First Birthday Party
This past week has been a tough one for my family. We all, including our extended family that was visiting for my sons birthday, came down with a nasty virus. I'm pretty sure that I slept for 3 days straight. I don't even remember JD taking my aunt to the airport to go home...
MLB Fan Fail Times Three
I'm not a major league athlete, but come on man!  I could have come up with at least one of these balls.  Watch this Yankee fan miss a foul ball, not once, not twice but three times.
Bad Dad or Not?
A man recently made an amazing catch of a foul ball at a Chicago Cubs game.  But he has been taking some heat because some people are said that he is a bad dad for what he did.

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