April Fools day

Taylor Swift Vs A Treadmill
Seeing how it's April Fools Day, more than likely this is a bit. Taylor Swift who is usually graceful and elegant in just about everything that she does, decided that she would jump in on the foolish fun. You decide is T. Swift taking a staged fall, or was this a real spill
Katie Couric Falls Down Stairs on Late Late Show
APRIL FOOLS!  Katie falling down a flight of stairs was just one of the many April Fools pranks played across America, including on the Mike & Kate showgram.  (There is no cosmetic surgical center for ugly babies).  Take a listen to Mike and Kate's prank plus see Katie fall down the stairs and s…
April Fools! If You Listen To Mike & Kate You Got Fooled
One of our guilty pleasures every year is to come up with a way to punk our listeners (and my wife) on April Fools. We've Tattooed babies, fines for smoking in cars, blowed out phone lines, Steroids for kids, and more fun and hi-jinks. This years was very subtle, but probably one of our most success…