In the past couple years I have felt that Thanksgiving is getting mowed over by Halloween and Christmas. The holiday is all about the food, the feast, the family and the friends and it needs to step it up before those other two holidays squish it out of existence!It don't think it's Thanksgiving's fault. But Halloween is all about selling candy and sexy, skin-to-win costumes for adults. Once the Halloween peeps figured out there was tons of money to be made on adults with sexy owl costumes, and haunted corn mazes, the stock in the holiday shot through the roof! And of course Christmas has been creeping in on Thanksgiving for years. The Christmas movies started on November 1st this year! The Christmas music gets earlier and earlier. Black Friday is now "We never closed on Wednesday." Thanksgiving has got to step it up! And unfortunately in this day in age, it's all about what you can make money on. You can't buy your Thanksgiving turkey in October so that is why the holiday is getting plowed down. Thanksgiving needs something to market, something the consumer can buy other than food the week of. And I think I have found it! Dressing up pets is huge! It's a year round money maker, not just at Halloween, so how about dressing up your pet for Thanksgiving? found lots of costumes for you to choose from! This gives the shoppers a reason to go out and spend money on Thanksgiving before the week of Thanksgiving, driving up the appeal to the marketing industry. Something's got to happen or Thanksgiving is going to get swallowed up by the black hole of the "commercial" holidays.