It's your chance to see the sold out first 3D showing of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" with Mike on December 17th at the Village Cinemas. 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Getty Images for Disney

You will also attend the special VIP pre-party at Kona Grill, with free food and drinks at the Kona Grill Star Wars Cantina and because we didn't get a winner on 11/9 you will also get the new "That's What I call Music Vol #56

Be ready to call to win Monday Morning after 9:30 (11/16) at 376-5106.


Here's  the  question and a few bonus hints to help you out



28% of people have not done this for at least 6 months


What is it?



Clue: More men than women haven't done this

Extra Clue: Happens in the home

Bonus Clue: Is considered a chore



New international trailer with new never before seen scenes