I have been working with Stand Beautiful, a mentoring program that encourages self worth in girls and women of all ages. They're having a webinar that I encourage you to attend. This is a message for everyone!


From the first moment I heard about the Stand Beautiful initiative, I had to get involved! Their belief is that "beauty and self-worth is not defined by our physical attributes but rather the light that shines from within. It is defined by how we treat ourselves and others."

I truly believe the change I want to see in the world does start with me. Helping young girls and women believe they're beautiful as they are, inside and out, will have a rippling affect on all of society. This light from within is contagious and it's something we need to start spreading now!

If you're a business owner, I encourage you to attend a one hour webinar (from the comfort of your own computer) tomorrow from 11am-noon. BNI Foundation and Stand Up America are hosting this Business Voices Spotlight Webinar to discuss how business owners can be more involved in having a positive impact on the educational challenges in our world today.