I finally get to hand out candy to trick or treaters! Join me and The Eagle Volunteer Firefighter's Association at the Haunted Woods on Halloween! It's family night!


Spend part of your Halloween with me! I never get trick or treaters on Skid Row. But that isn't stopping me from handing out candy to the kids. Join me, this Friday night at The Haunted Woods from 6:30-7:30. It's family night. That means it's fun for all ages. You can stroll through the Haunted Woods without being terrified and you can trick or treat with the Volunteer Eagle Firefighters and me!

For those that can handle the scary Haunted Woods, then get ready to be terrified starting at 7:30PM Friday night. The Haunted Woods is put on by the volunteer Eagle Firefighters and it helps raise money for the Eagle Volunteer Firefighter's Association. It's a great way to say "Thank You" for all they do!