400 miles per hour in under 4 seconds. Evel Knievel couldn't do it but according to this week's press conference with stunt man Eddie Braun, it's officially a go as long as weather cooperates....and that's looking good so far.  Here is everything we know

Saturday (9/17) is the day, Braun plans to strap himself into his steam-powered rocket-cycle and attempt to replicate the ill-fated jump over the Snake River Canyon.  The same jump that Evel Knievel failed to make on Sept. 8, 1974. Braun and his sky cycle are expected to reach a top speed of 400 miles per hour as he jumps from the canyon’s north side, just east of the Hansen Bridge east of Twin Falls.

Here is Braun's Press Conference from Wednesday

The canyon is about 200 feet narrower at that spot than the 1,600 feet Knievel tried to clear. Braun said, and he expects to clear the canyon wall by at least 1,000 feet.

Unfortunately if you want to see it live, you aren't going to get that chance, because the land that it's taking place on is all privately owned...and if you were thinking you might be able to see it from the bridge, don't count on it, police say they will not allow parking along the bridge during the jump.

Braun teamed up with Scott Truax, whose father helped design and build the original Sky-cycle for Evel Knievel. Truax said he want to attempt the jump with the original plans and parts to prove that the original idea his father came up with back in the early 70's would indeed work.

We've told you over the past 4 years of numerous groups attempting to get permission and approval from the Twin Falls City Council to use the original jump site west of Shoshone Falls, but to no avail, so Braun and his partners decided to  instead set up a launch site to the east next to a farm field and according to Braun they have already leased the ground needed for this historic jump..

The Return to Snake River set up a Kick Starter page to help fund the event and according to the page, they have raised over $50,000 to date and they also say that the launch is officially a go.

The Braun crew also says that the event will be broadcast, but as of yet there are no details.  Rumors are that a crew of 10 camera men have been following Braun around filming everything to possibly been shown in a documentary sometime in the future...


Here is video from the Evel Knievel failed attempt in 1973