Growing up, I remember the constant battle my parents had with my brother taking really long showers. I would always hear, "turn off the water!", "stop wasting water!", or my favorite, the flushing of the toilet so the water would turn cold as a chilly reminder that time was ticking.

My husbands parents used to make him use an egg time set for 6 minutes, or 2 songs on the CD player which sat on the sink.

This nifty gadget seems like the perfect modern alternative.

The shower head changes colors based on how much water you use. It starts out green, then purple, then flashes red when you have used your max allotment. It also syncs to your smartphone, so you can adjust the colors and amount of usage for your family.

This looks like a pretty cool idea if you are looking to save water and for those who don't realize how much water they are using.

Does your family have a water hog in the house? Would you use one of these colorful shower heads?