I have never been a size for off the rack items, not one part of my body. As of last weekend there is finally one part of my body that is!

I have never been an off the rack kinda gal. Even when I was going through puberty I was so short I had to shop in the petite section for cloths. But now I don't have the height problem but a big bum problem.

So when my mom & I decided we wanted to get birthstone rings I thought I should probably get my fingers sized. I went into Fred Meyer Jewelers to have my exceptionally small/fat fingers sized. I'm getting sized an 8 doesn't even stay on my hand, 7.5 still slips past my knuckle & then 7 perfect fit. With that the salesman said "WOW your an off the rack size you could purchase any ring in here as is." I laughed harder then I should have blushed & said thank you. I know it doesn't mean much, but what can I say I'm proud that at least one part of my body is off the rack sizes.

Oh happy days!