What's going on?

BSU 2018 TV Football Schedule
The Mountain West Conference announced its national TV package this week & that means dates for most of BSU's football games are set for what could be a very special season
Data Stolen at These Stores
We hear about data breaches almost every day. It happens so much lose track..so this list might help. Your data might be vulnerable if you've shopped at any of these stores
Eric Estrada Donates Police Dog
Did you know former "Chips" TV star Eric Estrada was an Idaho Police officer? Eric is a reserve officer & recently made an amazing donation to that police department
Mom Weighs Kids Every Day
I'm upset with my sister. She makes her 6 and 8 year old daughters get on a scale almost every morning. She says it will help to ensure they don't get fat.
Dish Network May Owe You $1200
It's one of those phone calls that sounds too good to be true. Is it a scam or spam? Nope, this call is legit and it could pay you $1200.
Win Free Trips To Jackpot
The Mix 106 Cinco de Mayo fun buses to Jackpot are nearly sold out but you have a chance to win a free trip for 2 all this week by playing poker with Mike each morning
Idaho Colleges Increase Tuition
It used to be there was 2 things for certain...Death & taxes, but now you can add increased college tuition to that list. The price to attend Idaho colleges is going up
Boise Boys Coming to HGTV
Last year we had the Boise Boys on the Mix Morning Show. They were trying to get a new show on HGTV. Clint & Luke's new show, "Boise Boys" starts this month
Idaho Woman Wins $ 1 Million
Do you ever play the Albertson's Monopoly game & think to yourself there's no way anybody ever wins this stupid game. Well, an Idaho woman just won $1 million dollars
Join Mix 106 for Race for the Cure
Help us celebrate the 20th year of Komen Boise Race for the Cure by grabbing your friends & family to become members of the Mix 106 Race for the Cure Team
Witness Troxler's Fading Illusion
I don't know why but I am absolutely fascinated with optical illusions & eye tricks. It amazes me, how our eyes can play freaky tricks on us, like this one does
Boise Tiny Home on DIY TV Show
Idaho and especially the Treasure Valley has been featured a lot on TV shows recently…and it doesn't look like it will be slowing down any time soon.
Shoshone Falls is Thundering!
It's one of the most beautiful waterfalls in world...it's taller than Niagara Falls and it's a short drive from Boise. Check out the live cam and map to get there
Tax Day Freebies & Discounts
Every year many businesses across the US and here in Idaho hand out free and discounted stuff to help us all deal with the Tax day pain...here are some of those deals
Animal Expert Corbin Maxey
While Mike searches for his co-host local celebs are filling in. This week NBC's Today Show animal expert Corbin Maxey is helping out & he has a new show to tell you about
Mike and Cancer: Two Years Later
It was 2 years ago, that I was told I had cancer. I promised all of you, that I would keep you updated on my progress on my trip through cancer treatments and recovery
Big A** Diamond Winning Price
It is National Diamond Month & The Diamond Girls filled in on the Mix morning show. While doing that they decided to give away a beautiful 1/2 carrot Big A** diamond...
X Games & ESPN Return to Boise
After a successful debut in 2017, Boise’s Rhodes Skate Park will again be host to ESPN and the Road to X Games 2018.
Top Idaho Schools for 2018
It's nice knowing the school district that you're sending your kids to get edjumacated is a top ranked school. How well is your school is doing when it comes to education?
Win this Big A** Diamond
The Diamond Girls are filling in with Mike on the morning show... today (4/12) is the final day to enter to win their Big A** diamond...you must enter by 3 p.m.