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Why We'll Miss Southwest Airlines' Peanuts
When they pass out those peanuts mid-flight it feels like we've hit the lotto. We might never eat nuts on the ground, but in the air, they taste SO good! As of August 1st on Southwest Airlines the peanuts are gone, and we've got one big reason why they'll be missed.
Crazy Things are Floating in Boise Pools
Rafts and floaties have come a long way. Instead of thin-ribbed rafts and plain ole tubes, we've got flamingos, swans, avocados floating with us in the pools. And bulls!
Does Idaho Have Too Many Sitting Jobs?
First of all, thank you for listening at work. You know I love you and consider you to be a fantastic co-worker and it's with your well-being in mind that I say what I'm about to say. If your job requires you to sit a lot, it could kill you. This is a lil scary!
Don't Miss These Military Discounts for the 4th of July
If you're active duty military or a veteran, you can score some extra discounts this 4th of July at some great spots around the Treasure Valley.

Don't miss these chances to save some money for your family and get some freebies too.
Why Are We So Obsessed With Hot Dogs on the 4th of July?
I asked my neighbor Chuck what he had planned for the 4th of July, and he said, "I don't know, but my wife wants a hot dog." Of course, she does! A hot dog craving comes right along with every road trip we'll take this week and every firework we'll see. And there's a…
How to Calm Your Dog's Nerves During Fireworks
Dogs just don't understand Independence Day. We know the loud booms and bangs are to show how much we love our freedom, but dogs must think the world is caving in and they're about to get some shrapnel right in the hiney. We've got some ways to help calm the doggie jitters.
Idaho Drivers Should Find Lower Gas Prices Soon
The 4th of July is a week away, and we've got a big road trip weekend coming up. It's been feeling like gas prices may keep heading toward the $4 mark, but now we have reasons why that will NOT happen. Yay!
Wanna Make Beer Can Chicken in the Instant Pot? Here's How.
Beer Can Chicken is weird and good, and we're kinda glad it's a thing, especially during the summer months. And now instead of laboring out there by the hot grill, you can stay in the air-conditioned house and create the same thing in the Instant Pot.
Best Grilling Tip of the Summer; Don't Poke the Meat
If you're not quite a master griller, join the club. But there are a few easy things we can do to improve our grilling skills this summer, and one of those is to quit poking the meat and do this one simple thing instead.
3 Reasons Why the World Cup Will Make You a Bigger Soccer Fan
Watching the early matches in the 2018 FIFA World Cup makes you realize that running around for ninety minutes straight sure will keep a body looking fit and trim. Man, those guys are in shape! Bulging calf muscles aside, we've got three reasons why this tournament will make us all bigger soc…
5 Reasons Why You Should Know Your Neighbors
I never thought I'd be great buds with a retired man who rides through the neighborhood every day on a golf cart, but Chuck is awesome! And he's proof that getting to know our neighbors is a really good thing.