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If You See a Scarf on a Tree, Here’s What it Means
If you see a scarf hanging on a tree outside around Boise, or even inside the mall on one of those Christmas trees, it's no accident.

There's meaning behind the scarves left lying around town, and those who find them "fitting" can keep them.
2017’s Hottest Food Trends
Lots of food trends popped up this year (some better than others) and Idaho seemed to embrace some of them. Like boozy ice cream.
Video Games are an Official Sport at Boise State
Competitive gaming is spreading like crazy, and Boise State is one of the trendsetters. The university has officially made Varsity esports a thing, and they're building a new computer lab on campus to support it.
Boise Wants Your Thoughts on e-Bikes
E-bikes are catching on around the Treasure Valley, and some of them can really zoom. Boise is looking at ways now to make sure these electric bikes are playing nice with pedestrians and other bikes, and they're asking for your thoughts. Like, should faster bikes be kept off The Greenbelt?
Don’t Let Tree Bugs Ruin the Christmas Gifts
Imagine the surprise on your daughter's face when she opens up her new Fingerlings, and a few dozen bugs come rolling out of the wrapping paper. Ewww! If you've got a real tree, you might have 20,000 bugs hidden in there, but there is something you can do about it.
Sun Valley Film Festival Will Honor Gwyneth Paltrow
The Sun Valley film festival is coming up next March, and Gwyneth Paltrow will be in Idaho to get a big award during the four-day run. And if you're a budding filmmaker, there's still time to submit your movie for screen time.
Idaho’s Favorite Christmas Candy is Best in Handfuls
While other states are picking crazy things like Pez and Starbursts as favorite Christmas candies, Idaho is making much wiser choices. They're red and green, they melt in your mouth, and they're great in my Mama's cookies! I'll share the recipe just in case you're in the b…
Boise State is Doing Something to Help Hungry College Students
Surviving on cheap eats like Ramen Noodles isn't just rhetoric for some Boise State students. Eight out of ten students at the university are struggling with food insecurities on some level, and now something has popped up to help combat that with free food.