What's going on?

Idaho's Top Last Names
No doubt, you've heard about ancestry.com and the many services they offer to research your family background and history. Now, they've compiled the top surnames across the country.
Someone Borrowed My Identity
It's happened for the third time. I get a Facebook message from someone I don't recognize. I accept it to find out that "I" have been hitting on them. My identity has been borrowed.
Idaho's Top Schools Are...
The website Niche.com has released their annual best and worst schools ranking for the country, and we dove in to find the best elementary, middle, and high schools in Idaho.
No More Village Ice Skating
The past few weeks have brought unusually warm weather, hitting or coming close to records, and it coincides with the end of ice skating season at the Village at Meridian.
Lost Weight and Lost Warmth?
Over the past three years, I got serious about improving my health. I ost about 75 pounds, and have kept them off over the last two years. I have, however, noticed one change.
Thanks For Damanging My Car
Well, I'm irritated. I know in the grand scheme of things, this is minor, but as I left the office last night, walking up to my car I could see it. I had a new scratch and dent in my door.
Is Breastfeeding Indecent?
Idaho is a state that is unique in many ways, but one way that might need to change is that Idaho does not exempt breastfeeding from being classified as indecent.
Gas Prices Have Gone Down
If it has felt like you've been paying a little less at Idaho gas stations lately, you're not imagining it. The average price of gas in our state has fallen below the national average.
The Luckiest Albertsons for Lotto
If you play Idaho Lottery games, you likely have strategies for what game, what numbers, even where to pick up your tickets. You aren't crazy. Some stores seem to have more luck.
It Was a Busier BOI in 2017
2017 was a big year for air travel in the Treasure Valley, as Boise Airport got a lot busier, and set a new record for passengers using the airport.
Should Trucks Drive Faster?
It's become a pretty standard situation as you drive the major highways in Idaho. There's one speed limit for cars, and a slower one for trucks. Soon, that could change.
Food Bank Given New Roof
The Treasure Valley is an extremely generous place, and we're seeing evidence of that again, as a local company has donated a new roof to the Meridian Food Bank.
What Government Shut Down Means
It was threatened over the last few days, and last night, it became reality. The Federal Government is shut down, but what does that mean for those of us in Idaho?
Delta Service Animal Changes
For most of us, traveling by airplane is restricted to our human family or friends, but if you fly Delta and plan to bring a service animal, their policy is changing. Here's what you need to know.
Idaho Library Use is Up
With the popularity of e-readers, the fact that we can get books on our phones and even the ease of access to audio books, you might be surprised to learn that library use in Idaho is up.
An Uber Eats Alternative
Many of us were excited when Uber Eats added Boise to their cities they serve. Now, especially for Canyon County and the West Side, there is another option for food delivery.
What Chores Are Apporpriate?
If you have kids, the decision of what allowance and chores are earned and required has probably come up more than once. I'm presently wrestling with this again with my son.
Should it be 21 to Drink & Smoke?
Should the legal age to smoke in the State of Idaho move up from 18 to 21? An advocacy group is trying once again to make that the case.
I Had So Much Fun Tubing
What a great weekend! It was one of those mixes of getting work done around the house, and doing some fun stuff too. One of the best moments? Tubing at Gateway Parks in Eagle.