What's going on?

Delta Service Animal Changes
For most of us, traveling by airplane is restricted to our human family or friends, but if you fly Delta and plan to bring a service animal, their policy is changing. Here's what you need to know.
Idaho Library Use is Up
With the popularity of e-readers, the fact that we can get books on our phones and even the ease of access to audio books, you might be surprised to learn that library use in Idaho is up.
An Uber Eats Alternative
Many of us were excited when Uber Eats added Boise to their cities they serve. Now, especially for Canyon County and the West Side, there is another option for food delivery.
What Chores Are Apporpriate?
If you have kids, the decision of what allowance and chores are earned and required has probably come up more than once. I'm presently wrestling with this again with my son.
Should it be 21 to Drink & Smoke?
Should the legal age to smoke in the State of Idaho move up from 18 to 21? An advocacy group is trying once again to make that the case.
I Had So Much Fun Tubing
What a great weekend! It was one of those mixes of getting work done around the house, and doing some fun stuff too. One of the best moments? Tubing at Gateway Parks in Eagle.
This is an Extra Intense Flu Season
If it hasn't hit you, there's no doubt someone in your home, workplace, or circle of friends has probably been down with the flu this year, and it's more sever than usual.
Divorces Common This Time of Year
Does it seem like more people than usual have announced a divorce over the past week? You aren't imaging it. It's a fact, the first of the new year is when many marriages end.
How We Could Float More Boise River
If you or your family is like mine, one of the things you love about living in the Treasure Valley is the chance to float the Boise River. Now, we could get even more room to do it.
Making Memories Matters
I think one of the most crucial things I've learned in the last few years, is the importance of spending deliberate time with my son. More than things, I want to make memories.
Idaho Fastest Growing State
It's probably no surprise to most of us, given all the construction over the past couple years, but Idaho is growing fast. In fact, faster than any other state this year.
Commerical-Free Christmas Music
We're getting close to Christmas, and if that fact causes some stress (and you haven't finished - or even started shopping), we've can help. We've got your music covered!
F-35s Not Coming To Gowen Field
Over the past year, there has been much discussion about Boise's Gowen Field becoming the new home for approximately 20 F-35 fighter jets. Today, that is no longer a possibility.
Help Neighbors In Need
Christmas is just days away, and if you've got your shopping done, plans made, but still feel you want to help neighbors in need in our community, we've got a way for you to do it.
New Urban Park In Downtown Boise?
Over the last year, we've seen Downtown Boise continue to develop with new hotels, renovated public space, and soon, a downtown parking lot could become an urban park.
Is Boise Saturday Parking Staying Free?
Over the past few months, you've probably heard conversations about parking in Downtown Boise changing, but there is still a chance Saturdays will remain free.
Win With Mix 106 Brownieoke
What happens when Albertsons is celebrating Brownie Day tomorrow, and Mix 106 wants to give you a chance to get some free food with our Mix 106 Brownieoke.
The Most Sold Out Item
If your neighborhood is like mine, there were more than a few us outside hanging our Christmas Lights this weekend. If you're like me, you also learned of a scarcity.
How Long For Leftovers?
Having just celebrated the most wonderful holiday of the year, Thanksgiving, you've probably faced the same issue I have: How long can you safely eat your amazing food?