Can we all agree, that it's a bad idea to use national tragedies and death as a way for companies to advertise? You might remember before 9/11 this year a few companies thought it would be a good idea to use 9/11 as a part of their advertising campaign.  People were not happy, some thought it was way to soon, others like myself believe that it would never be acceptable to use a tragedy like that for advertising purposes.....and that goes for Pearl Harbor too.

This past Saturday, Spaghettios posted a tweet that was not received well by their customers. To commemorate National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Spaghettios tweeted, quote, "Take a moment to remember Pearl Harbor with us" . . . and included a picture of a SMILING, CARTOON Spaghettio holding an American flag.   Many people were not happy and tweeted their disgust.  Spaghettios eventually pulled down the tweet  . . . and Campbell's Soup, which owns Spaghettios, apologized.  So here's a tip from you ole Mix Morning show...if something involves death or tragedy of any kind, just stay away from it as a way to advertise your company....instead, maybe make a quiet donation to the victims and call it a day.