A Rocky Mountain High School senior is being denied the chance to walk at her graduation ceremony on Saturday. Click here to find out why and share if you think the district made the right decision.

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Fox 9 On Your Side ran a story on Tuesday about a 17 yr old who not only completed her junior year at Rocky Mountain High School but at the same took online and night classes to finish her senior year as well. She did all this because she says she was bullied at school and wanted to be done rather than go through another year of anguish.

Maguire Wardel got straight As after taking the maximum number of online and night classes allowed in a semester. In 3 years she has earned 54 credits, 2 shy of the 56 needed to graduate. She will be taking photography and fitness this summer to complete her credits and get her diploma. Wardel wants to walk with the Class of 2014 on Saturday at the Rocky Mountain High School graduation ceremony. The Meridian School board has ruled that she cannot walk based on "policy." She is not asking for her diploma early, she just wants to participate in the ceremony. If you are thinking, well she can just walk next year, she can't.

The Meridian district policy states, "Students who are full time both semesters of their senior year...are eligible to participate in graduation exercises.Maguire will not be a full-time high school student next year, because she will be in college.

What do you think? Should Wardel be able to walk even though she hasn't completed the requirements according to district policy or should she be allowed to walk after overcoming bullying and completing so many credits in a short amount of time?