A bride to be is set to walk down the isle in two weeks. She just found out something about her fiance that is making her question if she should say, "I do."

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Mike & Kate-I need urgent help. I'm supposed to be getting married on December 19th. Last month we had our bachelor and bachelorette parties. This past weekend, my fiance just admitted to sleeping with a stripper at his bachelor party. He said he feels awful and he's so sorry. He claims somebody put something in his drink and that he woke up in one of the hotel rooms they rented with this woman. He said it was eating him alive and that he wants to start our life together with no secrets. We've been together for 3 years and cheating is something I never, ever thought I'd needed to worry about. He has always been so devoted to me and made me feel so secure in our relationship.
Our wedding is in one week and my Dad has spent over 20 grand on it. Not to mention, I have people flying in from Ireland, Canada, California, and Spain to be here who already bought their plane tickets. I should mention that I'm 2 months pregnant with his child. My Mother tells me to suck it up and marry my fiance. She doesn't know I'm pregnant. She tells me that all men cheat at least once in their life and that I should be happy he did it before we were married. I'm dying inside. I feel like I need time to think. I need space but that is the last thing I'm getting in the next two weeks. If I call off the wedding then my parents will lose all the money. I need to hear other people's thoughts. What would you do? Do you guys think I'm wrong If I call of this wedding off or should I suck it up and marry him? He did say he would spend the rest of his life making it up to me and our child. I do love him very much. That emotion doesn't just shut off.
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