On Other People's Problems, the debate for this family is whether or not they should serve alcohol because one of the family members is a recovering addict.

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Mike & Kate-
My husband and I can't agree on whether we should serve alcohol at our Thanksgiving dinner this year. His cousin is a recovering addict and he's been invited to dinner. We have about 15 people coming over and were planning on serving alcohol. Drinks available as everyone is watching football and then wine for dinner.
This cousin's mom called us and asked that we not serve alcohol or even have it out to reduce the temptation. Apparently the cousin told his mom he is worried about the temptation so she called us. My husband says absolutely not. It's his house, it's his day off so he is going to eat and have a drink. Now my mother in law is involved and said that for one year we can have a dry Thanksgiving. My husband said we are not starting that because then the cousin will always assume we will put away the booze when he comes over.  Do you have a dry Thanksgiving if your have recovering addict as a guest? Or is the responsibility on the guest to find a dry Thanksgiving and not expect us to change for them?
So you know, the cousin had a drug addiction for about 20 years. Booze was his second vice followed by gambling. Obviously he has an addictive personality. He got sober last year.
What would you do if it was your cousin?

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving
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