A woman is in a relationship with her former teacher and it's causing lots of trouble with her family and jeopardizing her future with him.

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Mike & Kate-
I just graduated from high school this past May. I turned 18 in April and will be attending Boise State in August. I need advice on what to do about the man I'm dating. He is older than me and it's causing trouble with my family. He is 35, divorced and has a 7 year old son. The reason my family disapproves is because he used to be my high school teacher. Nothing ever happened when I was a student. I swear on my life. He was my teacher my junior year and we realized we had feelings for each other during the second semester. Over the summer we talked about these feelings and both agreed that because I wasn't 18 and he was my teacher that nothing could happen until I was of age and graduated. So for the last 4 weeks we have been dating. He is an amazing man and makes me feel amazing. We were trying to keep things just between us because it's so new and we have no idea where this is going. I haven't met his son or his ex wife and have no plans to in the near future. By the way, he was divorced when we realized we had feelings for each other. He didn't leave his wife for me.
Now things are out in the open and that's why I'm writing you. I confided in my older sister about our relationship and she told my mom. Now I have a huge mess on my hands. My mother is livid and is insisting that I end the relationship. I told her I was an adult and that we aren't breaking any laws. She doesn't believe me that nothing happened between us when I was student. She said if I don't end things with him then she will go to the school board and report him and she is also going to contact his ex wife and make her aware of the situation. My parents were going to help me with school (books, my insurance and cell phone) but now my mom says that will not happen if I'm still seeing this man.
I'm adult. I'm allowed to see who I want but at the same time I don't want to drive a wedge between myself and my family. I don't want to cause any disruption to his career or custody situation. On the flip side though, we have great chemistry. Yes, I know that we have only been dating for a month, but over the last year we would talk and really got to know each other. I want to see where this could go. And so does he. He told me that he would always be there for me, even if my family disowns me. And he is not worried about my mom going to the school board because we did nothing wrong.
I worry that even if I get a second job to cover the expenses they were going to help me with that they still wouldn't accept my relationship. What should I do? Is there a way to make my mom understand that I'm and adult and can date who I want?

Thank you for helping me

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