50 shades of grey has inspired a man to become an author.  Now he’s making over $1000 a month writing erotic stories, but you will never guess what his erotic stories are about. They may be even more ridiculous that Bigfoot porn. (yes it's a real thing, look it up)













A man in Canada, has decided to become and author.   He goes by the pen name Leonard Delaney and he makes about $1,000 a month self-publishing erotic short stories on Amazon. Not just any erotic story, his stories deal with women having sex with various technology products.  (I'm not talking battery operated devices here)

His big hits include "Taken by the Tetris Blocks", "Invaded by the iWatch", and "Conquered by Clippy", which is about a woman having sex with 'Clippy' the helpful paper clip from Microsoft Office.

Each story sells for $2.99.  Leonard says he writes them for fun and makes them intentionally bad.  And if you were curious, he said "YES", he was inspired by the most famous bit of crappy erotic self-publishing eve, the "50 Shades of Grey" trilogy.

You can find his stories by searching "Leonard Delaney" on Amazon.

The following is an excerpt  from one of his stories staring Siri.  You know, that sexy minx from your iphone.


. Siri got to her knees. She kissed the inside of Christie’s thigh, starting near the knee and working her way up. Christie lifted one leg to give Siri more room to work.

Steve grabbed Siri’s ponytail and guided her rhythm. Luckily, it was a rhythm they both enjoyed. The digital assistant lapped her unnaturally long holographic tongue from Christie’s ______ to her_______, and then back again. Normally, Christie would be worried about a bladder infection after a move like that, but Siri wasn’t real, so it was probably okay?


Click on the links below to hear a reading of her novel about Clippy the Microsoft office assistant and to get more info about the author.  Happy reading.




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